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10 years of serving the Westside of Cincinnati

Christmas came early for
The Place for Better Hearing

Dr. Laurie DeWine, owner and audiologist at
The Place for Better Hearing, fits Betty Oelher, 89, of
Delhi Township with her free hearing aid.

The Place for Better Hearing celebrated its 10-year anniversary by giving away 10 hearing aids to 10 people with hearing loss. Friends or family members nominated the winners by writing letters stating why they deserved to win the free hearing aids.

“Hearing aid winners live all over the Cincinnati area. They are Mary Emmett, Patti Gibbs, Dennis Goldsberry, Lisa Ketteman, Betty Oehler, Philip Reid, Irma Roenker, Joan Queen, Alben Williams, and Joan Yates,” said Dr. Laurie DeWine, audiologist and owner of the Place for Better Hearing. Anne Burke, social worker at Hillebrand Home Health, selected the winners. Recipients of the 10 free hearing aids varied in age from 43 to 89 years of age.

Philip Reid, 60, of Westwood, said he noticed he had a hearing loss more than 35 years ago when he worked in woodworking and did not use ear protection.

“My mom and dad wrote the letter to nominate me,” Reid said. “It really surprised me. I’ll get to hear the birds again. I miss that tremendously. I can have the windows open and hear the birds again.”

Lisa Ketteman was nominated by her sister, Lynn Emmett. Emmett described her sister as the “most thoughtful and helpful person” she knows.
“Lisa loves her niece and nephews a lot, “ Emmett wrote in her nomination letter. “She cries when she can’t hear them whisper a secret in her ear.”
Kettemen, 52, lives in Green Township and has had hearing loss for over 15 years.

“It upsets me to be around people,” said Lisa Ketteman, of Green Township. “I can’t hear them or understand them. I know the new hearing aid will give me my life back and help me be around my family and friends again. Dr. DeWine and her staff have gone the extra steps to take care of me.”
Joan Queen, 42, of Ft. Thomas has had hearing loss all of her life. Her husband, Matt, nominated her. He compared her hearing loss to having to wear eyeglasses.

“The timing of all this has been perfect,” Joan Queen said. “I want to hug everyone here. This has been a wonderful Christmas gift.”
“Each of the 10 winners received free hearing evaluations,” DeWine said. She and Audiologist Stefanie Godbey selected the hearing aid style and level of technology that would best suit their lifestyles.

The Place for Better Hearing is locatd at 3302 Westbourne Drive, Cincinnati, 45248.


The Place for Better Hearing is a hearing health care facility that provides outstanding customer service and the best hearing aids available today.  We strive to provide the best possible care in the areas of:

  • Identifying hearing loss
  • Rehabilitating hearing loss with the latest digital hearing aids
  • Preventing hearing loss with hearing protection
  • Offering a variety of assistive listening devices
  • Providing education and counseling about hearing loss and tinnitus

The Place for Better Hearing offers the most advanced hearing aid technology at competitive hearing aid prices, all with a personal and caring touch.

The Starkey Hearing AllianceThe Starkey Hearing Alliance is a national network of hearing care professionals who are leading the way in helping people experience healthier hearing lives. Through advanced hearing technology and superior service, our goal is to educate patients about hearing loss and its effects on their lives, while ultimately providing innovative solutions that meet each individual's hearing needs and lifestyle.

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Your old hearing aids can be put to good use by HEAR NOW.  All donations are tax deductible.  Donated hearing aids can be used in a variety of ways.  BTEs (Behind The Ear) hearing aids can be refurbished and redistributed to those served by the Starkey Hearing Foundation.  Aids unable to be refurbished can be very valuable for their various parts.  The Starkey Hearing Foundation provides hearing aids to those in the United States and beyond U.S. borders who are in need.  All donations are valuable in continuing the Foundation’s effort “so the world may hear.”  Package your hearing aids for donation in an envelope and include your name and address on the outside of the envelope.  Drop off the envelope(s) at The Place for Better Hearing.  After 6-8 weeks, an acknowledgement letter will be sent to you for tax purposes.  Thank you for supporting HEAR NOW.  Your donation helps to provide hearing aids to those who cannot afford them.

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