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Need Hearing Aids in Cincinnati?

We service all brands of hearing aids.

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Hearing is one of the human body’s most remarkable senses. Hearing loss happens when any part of our delicate hearing system stops working properly. You’d be surprised by how many people don’t understand the great benefits that modern hearing aid technologies can bring. At The Place for Better Hearing, we offer leading-edge innovations that can help those with hearing loss regain quality of life. Because hearing loss affects both the person with hearing loss and significant others, we suggest that family members or significant others participate in our hearing healthcare services.

Today’s hearing aids are super-smart, super-sleek, super-convenient, and super-sophisticated. These highly functional, high-powered hearing aids provide a multitude of reasons to address that hearing loss you’ve been trying to ignore. Super-small, super-light, customized, and functional, hearing aids today are more comfy than ever – yet tough enough to withstand real life. For most of the newest hearing aids, there’s virtually no feedback or whistling, thanks to advances in digital technologies.

Digital, wireless hearing aids are the norm. That means many new technologies can stream sound directly into your hearing aids – at the perfect volume – from a smartphone, laptop, and other Bluetooth devices. Using a wireless mini microphone, some that look like a pen and others that look like a small cell phone, placed on the restaurant or conference-room table, or near anyone you want to hear, makes it feel like they’re speaking directly and clearly into your ears, no matter how noisy the setting. You adjust the volume.

The Place for Better Hearing is NOT a franchise, like much of our competition. We are an independent Audiology hearing healthcare practice which allows us to do things a bit differently. (See our patients’ testimonials for specifics.) Consequently, we are not a “one size fits all” facility. Your lifestyle, your dexterity, the shape and severity of your hearing loss, the size and shape of your ear canals, and your preferences all factor into what hearing aids are right for you. Not all hearing aid styles work well for all hearing losses, this is why it’s important to work together with our highly trained and experienced Audiologists. Working with our expert Audiologists will help ensure success with your hearing aids.

Meet Our Staff

Friendly, Courteous and Years of Experience

  • Slider Image Doctor of Audiology

    Dr. Laurie DeWine
    Founder and Owner of
    The Place for Better Hearing

  • Slider Image Doctor of Audiology

    Dr. Stefanie Godbey

  • Slider Image Office Manager

    Lynn Dennis
    Office Manager

  • Slider Image Hearing Aid Technician

    Joey Costa
    Hearing Aid Technician

  • Slider Image Hearing Aid Technician

    Kelley Weber
    Hearing Aid Technician


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  • After visiting The Place for Better Hearing and Meeting Dr. DeWine, I had a complete hearing test and my non-working hearing aid was cleaned and now works perfectly.

    John D.

  • During my appointment at The Place for Better Hearing, I talked to Stefanie. She was so nice and answered all of my question, my insurance was checked on, and I did in fact have coverage.

    Dorothy A.

  • The service at The Place For Better Hearing is exceptional. They are friendly, helpful, professional, and genuinely care about meeting your hearing care needs.

    Joe V.