The value of our services at The Place for Better Hearing is reflected in the opinions of our patients.
  • After visiting The Place for Better Hearing and meeting Dr. DeWine, I had a complete hearing test and my non-working hearing aid was cleaned and now works perfectly. Most important is now I feel I have a place I can depend on, and I feel much more secure about my hearing, and much more informed.

    John D.

  • Before going to The Place for Better Hearing, I had gone to two other places. As soon as the test was over, those places started pressuring me to buy hearing aids. It seemed that they did not care about me or take the time to check on any coverage through my insurance or even explain my test results. During my appointment at The Place for Better Hearing, I talked to Stefanie. She was so nice and answered all of my questions, my insurance was checked on, and I did in fact have coverage. I bought my hearing aids from Stefanie with no pressure at all. I was treated very well. Thanks to the staff, they were very professional, dedicated and had compassion for all my needs.

    Dorothy A.

  • I knew I needed a new pair of hearing aids and was referred to The Place For Better Hearing. I have used them for six years now for hearing exams and hearing aids (I’m in my thirties). The service at The Place For Better Hearing is exceptional. They are friendly, helpful, professional, and genuinely care about meeting your hearing care needs. They pay attention to the small details. For instance, they make it a point to speak extra clearly on the phone knowing that their customers often struggle with hearing on the phone. I have found them to be flexible with scheduling and have gone the extra mile to make sure I receive my hearing aids back as quickly as possible when I’ve needed them repaired (cracked for the 100th time). I would recommend them to anyone. I know the process of getting hearing aids is often unpleasant, but they certainly make it as pleasant as possible.

    Joe V.

  • The staff at The Place for Better Hearing has been wonderful through the years. They have helped me to hear sounds more clearly, which I never heard before. They are caring and dedicated to their clients' needs.

    Harriett C.

  • My family appreciates not having to repeat conversations. The hearing aids feel so comfortable I don't even know I am wearing them, and neither does anyone else! The Place for Better Hearing provided exceptional customer service. I love to hear new sounds. Thank you!

    Joan B.

  • The service at The Place for Better Hearing is wonderful and the staff is always willing to help. With my new hearing aids in, I am no longer blasting people out of the room while watching TV. The television volume has gone down in my house from 40 to 15!!!! I find my new hearing aids to be very easy to use and very comfortable.

    Charles R.

  • I recommend The Place for Better Hearing for your hearing needs. I missed out on hearing my family and struggled hearing my customers at work. They changed my life by fitting me with hearing aids. Now I can hear!

    Marjorie B.

  • When I go out to eat, I can now hear what my friends are saying. They also tell me I am more involved in our conversations. I am shocked at how well I am hearing in a crowd compared to my old hearing aids.

    Harry C.

  • I was referred to The Place for Better Hearing by my family doctor after asking for a trusted Audiologist who can handle my severe hearing loss. I was referred to Audiologist Laurie DeWine who was able to pair me up with the perfect hearing aids. I had great service and the hearing aids are wonderful! My family and friends are so happy I can hear clearly.

    Helen S.

  • Since I got my two hearing aids, everything sounds much clearer. I can hear my grandchildren for the first time. I can understand my preacher on Sunday mornings. I never realized how much I was missing. I only wish I had done this years before.

    Paul S.

  • I have been wearing hearing aids since 1995 before starting pharmacy school. I have tried many places over the years and was never truly happy with the quality or the fit. Every few years I would get a new pair and regardless of brand, I had feedback issues, sounds being too loud, and difficulty making out words. After getting a pair that required ongoing tweaking I finally got frustrated and called the company directly. I explained how aggravated I was and wanted the best person that specializes in my style. I was given the name of a business called The Place for Better Hearing, which is owned and operated by Dr. Laurie DeWine. Over the years I dealt with four businesses before finally seeing her in 2008. After trying many brands, I found I liked Starkey the best. I immediately felt at ease and loved the way the doctor and staff spoke to ensure I understood them and they listened to my issue.

    Patrick V.

  • The Place for Better Hearing is very patient oriented and has the most knowledgeable staff I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I have been dealing with them since 2008 and have purchased 2 sets of hearing aids from them. Each set has fit perfectly, has better sound than before and has never had feedback or any other issues. Hearing is very important for my profession, so I would not trust my hearing aids to anyone else.

    Pauline L.

  • My visit today exceeded my expectations. At a minimum I thought there would be some type of sales pitch for new aids. How wrong I was! Your expertise and professionalism were outstanding and I learned so much regarding my hearing and my aids. The historical info from the aids along with the ability to "tweak" them to my current needs was amazing. I have found my hearing care provider for future needs............Thanks again.

    Charles M.