Who We Are

Our History

The Place for Better Hearing was founded by Dr. Laurie DeWine and Diane Blazer in 2004. Laurie and Diane worked together in Western Hills serving the needs of hearing-impaired patients for several years before launching their own Hearing Healthcare practice. Audiologist Stefanie Godbey joined Dr. DeWine in 2006.

Why Us

The Place for Better Hearing provides a patient-focused philosophy and care. We treat each patient as an individual serving their individual needs. We stress that successful treatment for hearing loss requires a relationship between the patient and their Audiologist. The staff at the front desk of The Place for Better Hearing can clean and check hearing aids and perform minor hearing aid repairs without the need for an appointment. Patients often stop in needing a hearing aid cleaned, a wax guard changed, or ear mold tubing replaced, and the staff at the front desk can often perform those tasks while you wait. We offer after 5PM appointments and have Saturday office hours.

How We Can Help

We offer state-of-the-art hearing aids and service all brands of hearing aids. The Place for Better Hearing is committed to helping patients understand their hearing loss and finding the best solution for their hearing loss needs and their lifestyle at an affordable price. For better hearing in a size and shape that fits your needs, call 513-922-0123.