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New Year, New You

Tired of missing punch lines, important details in business meetings, sweet sentiments from loved ones, cheerful bird songs, and laughter from grandkids? It’s a new year and it’s time to get help with your hearing. The following tips will help:

Choose the right professional - It’s important to realize that buying hearing aids is not like buying a typical consumer good. These are highly sophisticated medical devices that require the expertise of a university educated professional with experience in programming hearing aids and counseling. Choose an experienced audiologist. Look for an office with a helpful front desk staff that keeps hours that are convenient and flexible so you can make your follow-up appointments easily.

Motivation - The audiologists and staff at The Place for Better Hearing will go to great lengths to make sure you succeed with your new hearing aids, but you’ll get better results if you put some effort into the process. Being engaged, providing valuable feedback about your experiences, and keeping your follow-up appointments will help your audiologist adjust the programming of your hearing aids so you’ll get the most benefit from them.

Realistic expectations – It is critical for people trying hearing aids for the first time to understand the fact that hearing aids cannot provide NORMAL hearing. Even with today’s hearing aids with their amazing technological advances, understanding speech in noise can be a challenge. In excessively noisy environments, even normal hearing people have difficulty hearing every word clearly. Consequently, you may also experience some challenges in noise, even with the best hearing aids.

An open mind – If you have preconceived notions about your hearing loss or what hearing aids are right for you, be ready to have those ideas challenged. Hearing aids have come a long way, technologically speaking, over the past decades, and you may be surprised to find the vast array of features and attractive styles that are currently available. Realize that the severity and shape of your hearing loss may mean that only certain hearing aid styles will work well for you. Trust the advice of your audiologist.

Support system – Many new hearing aid wearers have been encouraged to purchase hearing aids by a family member or loved one who has become frustrated with their longstanding hearing loss. Ask that loved one or family member in your life to accompany you to your appointments. A second set of ears at your appointments is very helpful, as well as, providing you with the opportunity to hear a familiar voice with your hearing aids. Advocating for yourself and asking for the support of family members and loved ones during your journey to better hearing will make you be even more successful with your new hearing aids.

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