We like to keep our patients and residents of the Greater Cincinnati Area up-to-date on news about hearing aids, hearing loss, and related topics. We hope you find them of interest:

11 Year Anniversary

The Place for Better Hearing is celebrating its 11th anniversary! The Place for Better Hearing serves the west side of Hamilton County and is located at 3302 Westbourne Drive, Cincinnati, 45248. They offer the latest in digital hearing aid technology and audiological support.

The Place for Better Hearing offers a variety of hearing aid styles and price ranges. They service and repair all brands of hearing aids, offer custom ear molds for hearing aids, ear plugs to keep water out of the ears, custom ear plugs to protect the hearing of musicians, and custom iPOD ear molds. Patrick Virgin, a local pharmacy manger said, "The Place for Better Hearing is very patient oriented and has the most knowledgeable staff I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I have been dealing with them since 2008 and have purchased 2 sets of hearing aids from them. Each set has fit perfectly, has better sound than before and has never had feedback or any other issues. Hearing is very important for my profession, so I would not trust my hearing aids to anyone else."

John Dossey , a satisfied patient since 2014 explained, "After visiting The Place for Better Hearing and meeting Dr. DeWine, I had a complete hearing test and my non-working hearing aid was cleaned and now works perfectly. Most important is now I feel I have a place I can DEPEND on, and I feel much more secure about my hearing, and much more informed as well." The staff at the front desk at The Place for Better Hearing can clean and check hearing aids and perform minor hearing aid repairs without the need for an appointment. When a hearing aid stops working for whatever reason, it’s a significant problem and people with hearing loss need it fixed as soon as possible. Patients often stop in needing a hearing aid cleaned, a wax guard changed, or ear mold tubing replaced, and the staff at the front desk can often perform those tasks while you wait.

Dr. Laurie DeWine and Diane Blazer founded The Place for Better Hearing in November of 2004. DeWine and Blazer worked together serving deaf and hard of hearing children and adults at Western Hills Hearing Center for several years before launching their own business. Audiologist Stefanie Godbey joined DeWine in 2006. Lynn Dennis was hired as a hearing aid technician, assistive listening device specialist, and office manager. The office was expanded to twice its square footage in 2010 allowing for the addition of another sound treated booth that is accessible to wheelchairs, a classroom, a wireless accessory room, and a larger office for Stefanie. Melissa Ryan and Joey Costa joined the team in 2010 and 2011, respectively. They share receptionist and hearing aid technician duties at the front desk.

In 2013, patient Joe Verkamp said, "The service at The Place for Better Hearing is exceptional. They are friendly, helpful, professional, and genuinely care about meeting your hearing care needs. For instance, they make it a point to speak extra clearly on the phone knowing that their customers often struggle with hearing on the phone. I have found them to be flexible with scheduling and have gone the extra mile to make sure I receive my hearing aids back as quickly as possible." The office hour flexibility at The Place for Better Hearing sets them apart from their competition. Staying late one or two days a week for patients who come in after they get off work, shows the willingness of the staff to accommodate their patients’ busy schedules. The office is open Monday through Friday and one Saturday each month. Office hours vary from 8:15 AM to 7 PM, as needed.

Hearing aid batteries are BUY-ONE, GET-ONE FREE during the months of December and June at The Place for Better Hearing. The waiting room is a hearing loss and tinnitus educational center. There is a Community Resource Area filled with valuable information for seniors and their care-givers. Assistive listening devices, TV Ears, amplified telephones, vibrating alarm clocks, and a Caption Call phone are on display and visitors are welcome to try out the various devices. The Place for Better Hearing recently won the "Consumers' Choice Award" in Cincinnati for Business Excellence in Audiology Services.