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March Questions & Answers

Question: Dr. DeWine, My wife started dialysis and she needs the T.V. so loud it hurts my ears. Could her hearing be failing along with her kidneys?

There is a link between kidney disease and hearing loss. Researchers found that older adults with moderate kidney disease (MKD) have a higher prevalence of hearing loss than those of the same age without MKD. The structural and functional similarities between tissues in the inner ear and in the kidney may explain the link between kidney disease and hearing loss. Toxins that accumulate in kidney failure can damage nerves, including those in the inner ear. A complete diagnostic hearing test by a certified Audiologist should be a routine part of the medical care for people with kidney disease to help optimize their quality of life. When hearing loss is treated, it improves professional and interpersonal relationships, staves off depression, and provides an enhanced sense of emotional well-being.

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