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April Questions & Answers

Question: Dr. DeWine: I think my husband has dementia. I asked my doctor for advice and he suggested a hearing test. Why?

Good advice! The symptoms of dementia and untreated hearing loss are very similar. Adults with untreated hearing loss are more likely to develop dementia. Adults with hearing loss that is left untreated experience a 30-40% faster decline in their cognitive abilities. When a person has hearing loss, their brain must work harder to help make sense of speech and other sounds. Over time, this can affect their brain’s ability to process speech. If your husband has hearing loss and is properly fitted with hearing aids, his quality of life will improve, he will have more opportunities for social interaction, and he will be better able to participate in his own healthcare decisions. Call for a FREE Hearing Screening during Men’s Health Week: June 12-16. Physicians refer to us, patients trust us.

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