Hearing Aids

We can assist you with all your hearing aid needs.

Hearing Aid Consultations

The Audiologist will discuss your hearing aid options based upon the severity and shape of your hearing loss, the size and shape of your ear canals, as well as, your lifestyle. Hearing aids come in a variety of sizes, technology levels, and prices. Our goal is to match the level of hearing aid technology to meet your hearing loss, your communication needs, your lifestyle, and your finances. Because hearing loss affects not only people who are hard-of-hearing but their significant others as well, it is important to include family members at the hearing aid consultation and at hearing aid fitting appointments. We provide an opportunity for a family member to hear a man, a woman, and a child “through the ears of the patient” and better understand their loved ones’ hearing loss. At The Place for Better Hearing, we recognize that the needs of both patients and family members must come to an agreement in selecting treatment options.

Hearing Aid Repairs

We service and repair all hearing aid manufacturers' hearing aids. If you already own hearing aids, but you wear them in a drawer or you feel they are no longer effective, we can perform a hearing evaluation, clean, and re-program many brands of hearing aids. However, when hearing aids are five years old or older and are in need of repair, Many patients consider purchasing new hearing aids rather than putting money into the repair of old hearing aid technology.

Some minor hearing aid repairs can be performed at The Place for Better Hearing for a minimum service charge. Starkey Hearing Technologies will repair all makes and models of hearing aids.

Typically, a repaired hearing aid comes back from the factory with a one-year repair warranty. The Place for Better Hearing offers a "one-day repair service" (with a 3 day turn-around time) at an extra charge. Loaner hearing aids are available based on the severity of hearing loss and availability.