Other Services

We are a full service hearing healthcare center with a wide range of services to assist individuals with and without hearing loss.

Aided hearing evaluations for CDL or for Department of Transportation

Persons employed as bus drivers or truck drivers are required to have periodic hearing tests. For those who wear hearing aids, aided hearing evaluations are available. The Department of Transportation’s regulations specify acceptable hearing test levels with or without hearing aids.

Aural Rehabilitation

It is possible to learn how to be a better listener. We hear in our ears but we process what we hear in our brains. To be a good listener, one must integrate a number of skills including attending, understanding, and remembering. Unfortunately, many of these cognitive skills deteriorate as we age. Communication strategies, along with computer assisted training programs, are available to optimize your hearing aid experience as you become an active participant. Even normal hearing people can benefit by training their brains to listen better.

Clean and Checks without an Appointment

Often patients will have a hearing aid problem and not need an appointment to see the Audiologist. The front desk staff at The Place for Better Hearing are trained to clean and check hearing aids; usually, a clean and check of a hearing aid can be completed while you wait.

Clean and Checks with an Appointment

A clean and check of hearing aids with an appointment to see an Audiologist includes the examination of your ears and may include reprogramming or adjusting the settings of your hearing aids with the use of a computer.

Community Resource Center

The Community Resource Area is available Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM to anyone seeking information and resources for seniors and their care-givers. The waiting room at The Place for Better Hearing is a hearing loss and tinnitus education center. There are pamphlets and books available for patients, as well as for their friends and family members.


A person with normal hearing can hear quiet, medium, and loud sounds that vary from low pitch to high pitch with amazing clarity and definition. But when you have hearing loss, you often lose the ability to hear higher pitched sounds, like the sound of a mosquito near your ear, women’s and children’s voices, and consonants like T, S, and F. Even though you still may be able to hear strong vowel sounds such as A, E, and I, speech becomes harder to comprehend. Some sounds may seem too sharp, while others are muffled. Sometimes, it is difficult for family members or significant others to truly understand what it is like to have hearing loss. Our “hearing loss simulator” allows those with normal hearing experience what it is like to hear speech with the hearing loss of a loved one. Because hearing loss affects both the person with hearing loss and significant others, we welcome family members to accompany patients in the evaluation of hearing, selection and fitting of hearing aids, as well as, the follow-up care and adjustments of hearing instruments.

Ear mold impressions

We make ear impressions using a silicone material that allows an ear mold lab or hearing aid manufacturer make a custom product that will fit every nook and cranny of your ear.

Hearing Aid Consult

If a hearing evaluation indicates that hearing aids are needed, we will discuss various styles and technology levels of hearing aids that would best suit your hearing loss and your lifestyle. Some patients may bring with them a hearing test completed at another facility and seek our advice for hearing aid solutions. Such consultations are available.

Home Visits

When necessary, we can bring the office to you! Our Audiologists have portable equipment to perform hearing evaluations in a patient’s home, hospital room, apartment in a retirement center, or nursing home. We can also clean ears, program new hearing aids, or adjust the programming of hearing aids using a laptop computer.

One Day Service

Hearing aid repairs performed by a manufacturer require shipping to and from the manufacturer. Hearing aid repairs can be expedited upon request for an additional charge.

Reprogramming of Hearing Aids

Fine tuning or reprogramming of hearing aids is available for those hearing aids originally fitted at The Place for Better Hearing, as well as those hearing aids fitted at other hearing aid centers. We have the software and capability to program many brands of hearing aids. Hearing loss can decrease over time. Sometimes, it is necessary to have hearing aids reprogramed to accommodate those hearing loss changes, so the hearing aids can provide maximum benefit to the patient.

Re-tubing Ear Molds

Ear mold tubing (on Behind-The-Ear or BTE style hearing aids) ages and gets brittle after 9 to 12 months of use. The brittle tubing can become hard and crack causing a high pitched squeal known as feedback. Avoid problems with ear molds for BTE hearing aids by scheduling an annual re-tubing appointment.

Wax removal

A build-up of ear wax can be a problem for individuals who wear hearing aids. Ear wax or cerumen is secreted in the ear canal and tries to work its way out of the ear. The insertion of a hearing aid or ear mold pushes the wax into the ear canal causing a build-up. The Audiologists at The Place for Better Hearing can remove ear wax that is not severely impacted.