Hearing Aid Accessories

For some hearing aid users, accessories provide better hearing in difficult listening environments.

Many new wireless hearing aids let you STREAM sound directly into your hearing aids – at the perfect volume – from your smartphone, laptop, conference-room speakerphone, home entertainment system, and other Bluetooth devices. Music, phone calls, podcasts, videos, whatever you listen to through your iPhone (or iPad and iPod for that matter), you can listen to through many hearing aids. Some even let you control the volume and other personalized sound settings with an app on your smartphone. Several types of wireless accessories give you a listening boost by bridging the gap between you and the speaker, making it easier to hear in loud or large places. Using a wireless mini-microphone – some even looking like a thick pen – placed on the restaurant or conference-room table, or near anyone you want to hear, makes it feel like they're speaking directly and clearly into your ears, no matter how noisy the setting.

Starkey's SurfLink Accessories:

Carefree connectivity is available with Starkey's SurfLink® Mobile 2. It is a hands-free cell phone transmitter, assistive listening device, media streamer, and hearing aid remote all rolled into one.

  • SurfLink Media 2

    Plugs into your TV or stereo system and streams sound directly to your hearing aids when you're in range. It lets others in the room listen to the TV or stereo at the volume they prefer.

  • SurfLink Remote

    Is available with Starkey's wireless hearing aids, and can be used to adjust volume, change memory modes, and more.

  • SurfLink Remote Microphone (clip-on)

    Is a discreet, lightweight microphone worn by your conversation partner to aid in one-on-one conversations in difficult listening environments.

  • Halo 2

    Is Starkey's latest Made for iPhone® hearing aids. They are engineered to work with your iPhone®, iPad,® IPod touch®, and Apple Watch®. Halo 2 hearing aids work together with the TruLink Hearing Control app allowing you to personalize sound settings, change memories based on personalized geotags, adjusts automatically when you travel in a car, and control hearing aid volume and memories with the touch of your iPhone and with select Android phones.

Phonak Accessories:

Boost the performance of Phonak wireless hearing aids.

  • Phonak DECT

    Is a cordless phone that can be used by the whole family. It connects automatically and wirelessly to Phonak hearing aids, allowing telephone conversations to be heard in both ears simultaneously.

  • Phonak EasyCall®

    Connects any Phonak wireless hearing aids to your Bluetooth® enabled cell phone. It is attached and connected to the phone and streams the conversation directly to both hearing aids.

  • Phonak ComPilot Air II

    Clip-on streamer the offers stereo sound quality while connecting Phonak hearing aids via Bluetooth to cell phones, MP3 players, tablets, laptops, and computers.

  • Phonak RemoteMic

    Is a lightweight wireless microphone for one-to-one conversations over a distance of up to 66 feet.

  • Phonak ComPilot

    Is a multi-purpose streamer that allows the use of a Roger X receiver to use Roger microphones in loud noise and over distance. The Phonak ComPilot allows for streaming for a longer time period and with an optional neckloop (and hearing aids with T-coils).

  • Phonak TVLink

    Is designed to be used in combination with ComPilot or ComPilot Air II and offers easy understanding of TV programs by turning Phonak hearing aids into wireless stereo headphones for TV.

  • Phonak Charger Case

    Introducing a new rechargeable hearing aid technology: Phonak Audeo ™ B-R and Bolero™ B-PR feature groundbreaking built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that provide 24 hours of amplification with one simple charge.

  • Phonak RemoteControl App

    Is a smartphone remote control for Phonak Venture hearing aids.

  • Phonak PilotOne

    is a discreet remote control to adjust volume and program settings of Phonak hearing aids.

  • Phonak's Roger Pen & Roger Clip-On Mic

    Can help you hear and understand up to 62% more speech than those without hearing loss! They boost one-to-one and group conversations. There is a compatible Roger receiver for virtually every Phonak hearing aid, Cochlear Implant and BAHA (Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid).