Hearing Aids Care & Maintenance

It's important to clean and keep your hearing instruments properly maintained.
  • ALWAYS open the battery door when the hearing aid is not in your ear. It will help prolong the life of your hearing aid batteries.
  • If you use hair spray, spray your hair FIRST, then put in your hearing aid(s).
  • Never get your hearing aid(s) wet. Do not wear it in the bathtub, shower, or swimming pool. If the hearing aid(s) get wet, DO NOT try to dry them in the oven, microwave oven, or with a hair dryer. If you perspire heavily, ask us about a DRY AND STORE or DRY AID KIT.
  • NEVER wear your hearing aids when you are exposed to loud noise, for example, from a lawn mower, snowmobile, snow blower, loud band, or gunfire. INSTEAD, WEAR EAR PROTECTION.
  • Clean your hearing aid(s) with the cleaning brush supplied and with a dry tissue or soft cloth. Do not use any cleaning solvents on the hearing aid. Be careful when cleaning wax from the receiver opening. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, drop off the hearing aid(s); we will do the cleaning for you.
  • Protect the hearing aid(s) from excess heat. Do not leave your hearing aid(s) on the dashboard of the car or on a windowsill. Intense heat may damage the circuitry.
  • Keep the hearing aid(s) away from pets and young children. Dogs and cats like to chew them, and children may mistake hearing aid batteries for candy.
  • Take care to keep all batteries out of reach of both pets and children. If someone should swallow a battery, seek immediate medical help. For recommended treatment, call the National Battery Hotline at (202) 625-3333.


Made by Oral B, can be a helpful addition to cleaning tools for hearing aid users. "Stiffened" on one end and covered with a spongy-floss, this is ideal for cleaning the tubing of Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aids, for cleaning the thin tubing for Over-The-Ear (OTE) hearing aids and even cleaning the vents of custom made hearing aids. We recommend buying the mint flavor and it can be purchased at any of your local drug stores such as Walgreens, Target, and Walmart. Look for it in the toothbrush/dental floss isle, or purchase it at The Place for Better Hearing. SUPERFLOSS CANNOT BE USED ON THE TUBING OF RECEIVER-IN-THE-CANAL (RIC) HEARING AIDS.

  • To clean the tubing of BTE hearing aids: separate the earmold and tubing from the earhook of the hearing aid. Insert the stiffened end of the Superfloss through the top of the tubing and gently thread it through. This can help remove excess wax or moisture in the elbow of the tubing.
  • To clean the vents of custom made hearing aids: Locate the vent (it goes through the aid from the face plate to the canal tip); insert the stiffened end of the Superfloss through the top of the vent at the faceplate end and thread it through the aid toward the canal tip to remove any excess wax which could be clogging the vent. A clogged vent will prevent the exchange of fresh air from the inside of your ear to the outside.
  • To clean the thin tubing of OTE hearing aids, separate the tubing from the hearing aid. Insert the stiffened end of the superfloss through the end of tubing marked by either the blue or red cap and thread the floss through to the other end. This will help to remove any moisture that may be in the tubing, or any wax which may be clogging the ear bud.