Other Products

We offer a variety of amplified telephones and products to help maintain your hearing insturments.

Some people with hearing loss need special accessories to help them hear better over the telephone or wake up to an alarm clock in the morning. They may or may not wear hearing aids, but they still need some help in certain situations. We can help!

  • Sonic Shaker

    This is a small portable version of the Sonic Boom alarm clock (shown below). It is often called a “shake awake” because it literally “shakes” you awake. It also has an audible alarm as loud as 90 dB. The Sonic Shaker can be clipped to the pillow or bed sheet. It has big easy to read numbers, uses one AA battery and comes with a protective travel case.

  • Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

    It shakes you awake with a powerful bed shaker and has an adjustable extra loud alarm. It has a dual alarm function, and battery backup. The bed shaker can also waken a sound sleeper when a land line (standard telephone) rings and is plugged into the alarm clock.

  • Amplified Telephones

    Stop by and give our phones a listen! We have a variety of amplified telephones in our Community Resource Area. You can listen to an automated message through one telephone, adjust the volume control or boost control, hang it up and try another. Some are cordless, some have extra large numbers, some are corded, and some have extra loud ring tones.